If this is your first time at the Greesispoone, why not check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions?  We’ll add more as they arise.

What time are the meals?

Breakfast is served between 7am and 9am. Lunch is served between 12pm and 2pm.  Dinner is served between 6pm and 8pm.

Will ingredients list be available?

Yes, lists of ingredients will be available closer to the festival.

What is a ploughman’s lunch selection?

A ploughman’s lunch is made up of a range of options normally including some cold ham, pickled egg, pickled onion, gherkins and a hard cheese.  Some salad will also be included.

If I don’t choose vegetarian, can I choose the vegetarian option?

Each meal has a vegetarian and meat option, with no requirement to stick with one or the other. You can mix it up as much as you would like!

Is your whole menu period?

No, it isn’t.  The vast majority of our menu is based on period recipes (a change from 2014) however there are a couple of dishes which have been served at the Greesispoone from its first incarnation at the original festival site. We like the tradition of that and are keeping them on the menu. We avoid ingredients that are not found in period

I have a range of allergies – can you cater for me?

We guarantee to provide a full meal for gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free. Our kitchen is also nut free. There is a $5 extra charge for each of those  adjustments i.e if you are vegetarian, it will be an extra $5, if you are also gluten free it will be $10.   We are unable to cater for all allergies as much as we would like to.  Your best option is to email us and we will run through the menu with you to see if we will be able to feed you properly. There will be a vegetarian, meat and allergen free option at both lunch and dinner.

What does my extra cost pay for?

Allergen free  ingredients cost more. It is that simple.  There is also an economy of scale, small numbers of people requiring a specific version of a meal means we can’t take advantage of scale to reduce costs.  Will we replicate every single dish on the menu perfectly for your allergy – no.  Will we ensure you get a full meal? Absolutely! (And yes, we will be serving gluten free waffles as they are cooked individually unlike a pancake).

Are your staff trained?

Each shift supervisor has food safety certifications. The Greesispoone is a registered food business.  Temperature checks, hygiene and food safety checks are performed as per legislation.  Each volunteer receives a basic food handling induction upon arriving in the kitchen.

How are soups and stewed served?

We continue to invest in our business.  After last year, we were able to purchase a selection of temperature controlled cauldrons and will be serving soups and stews in those.

If I need/want more of a dish/condiment/spread, what do I do?

We do our best to be omniscient (we have a reputation to maintain!) however if you need something or if you notice we’ve run out of something out the front, please ask us if it can be replaced. If we can do it, no problem at all!



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