2017 Menu

The majority of the recipes are period recipes – we are refining and test cooking at present but will publish the recipes as they are finalised. For now, we are presenting the menu in simple form.

The menu will be updated shortly.  As an example, here is the menu for 2016.

Greesispoone 2016 Menu

Breakfast (available Thursday through Monday)
Basic: Scrambled eggs, porridge and toast
Full: Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, porridge and waffles, syrup and cream.

Thursday Lunch

Chicken and Vegetable Soup, Mixed Vegetable Soup

Ploughman’s lunch buffet

Roast meat roll

Thursday Dinner

Lamb Moroccan style, vegetable bake, cous cous

Dessert: raspberry meringue and cream

Friday Lunch

Onion Soup, Seafood Stew (with soda bread), Chunky vegetable soup

Ploughmans lunch buffet

Roast meat roll

Friday Dinner

Chicken and leek casserole, spinach parcels, saffron rice

Dessert: Fruit compote and pouring cream

Saturday Lunch

Beef Soup, carrot and pumpkin soup

Sausage in a bun

Ploughman’s lunch buffet

Saturday Dinner

Lamb pottage, vegetable pottage, dahl

Dessert: bread pudding

Sunday Lunch

Oriel’s Chicken soup, fresh pea soup, chunky vegetable soup

Baked ham in a roll with chutney

Ploughman’s lunch buffet

Sunday Dinner

Beef & red wine stew (beef y stewed), mushroom rice pottage, roast vegetable

Dessert: apple and rhubarb fool

Monday Lunch

Pea & ham soup, mushroom soup, small vegetable soup

Roast meat rolls

Plough man’s lunch buffet

Monday Dinner

Everyone eats!


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