Rowany Festival Greesispoone 2017

Greesispoone is back for Rowany Festival 2017!

Greesispoone will be offering three meals a day for five days from  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


There are two levels of catering, Basic budget or Full. Basic entitles you to a reduced set of the menu.  Full is just that – you get everything.  An example menu is listed below. For more details on the menu for 2017, please keep an eye out for the menu page.

Basic Budget: Scrambled eggs, toast, porridge
Full: Bacon, scrambled eggs, porridge, toast and waffles (yes, they’re period!)

Jams and spreads are included in both packages

Basic Budget: Soup, bread roll,ploughman’s lunch selection and a piece of fruit
Full: Roast meat roll, soup, bread roll, ploughman’s lunch selection and a piece of fruit

Basic Budget: Stew and a bread roll
Full: Stew, bread roll and dessert


3 meals:- Basic budget $120 |  Full $160
2 meals*:- Basic budget $88  |  Full $116
*choice of any 2 meals of the day i.e lunch & dinner or breakfast & dinner.
Lunch only:- Basic budget $52 | Full $70

Pricing for children 3-12:
3 meals:- Basic budget $80 |  Full $105
2 meals*:- Basic budget $55  |  Full $75
*choice of any 2 meals of the day i.e lunch & dinner or breakfast & dinner.
Lunch only:- Basic budget $33 | Full $45

Children under 3 eat free, children over 12 are full price

Snacks will also be available for purchase.

Vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free incur $5 extra charge.

Please note:

  • There will be number of unbooked meals available. However, there is a limited amount and it is first in first served. So, to ensure you get the food you want please book.
  • Bulk bookings for campsites are available, these bookings will also be provided in bulk to the campsites. Please contact the bookings officer directly for this option.
  • Individual bookings can be made below.
  • Individual bookings will need to provide their own plates, bowls and cutlery.
  • Unfortunately due to the numbers being catered for any other special dietary requirements than gluten, dairy free and vegetarian will not be able to be specifically catered for.
  • It is a totally nut-free kitchen.

Booking officer:

Elisabeth de Foxle  Email:

Booking form:

For multiple booking submit one booking form per person


12 Responses to Rowany Festival Greesispoone 2017

  1. Julie says:

    I am allergic to chilli, also have a sensitivity raw oranges and pineapple – can eat a small amount with other food in things like fruit salad (up to about 1 eighth of an orange) but can not eat them alone or drink juice.

    Can you please email and give me details of when the meals start and end.

    Thank you.
    Julie Lawler

    • greesispoone says:

      Hi Julie!

      There will be a non chili option at each meal. You are unlikely to encounter a large amount of either raw pineapple or orange in any of the dishes. Meal times are listed in the FAQs

  2. Jennie says:

    Hi, just wondering if there is a maximum number you can take and when bookings close.
    Thanks Jennie

    • greesispoone says:

      Hi Jennie, with the team we have (and as long as we get some volunteers to assist us) we can probably cater for up to 200. Bookings will close on the 14th of March 2016

  3. Marjorie Lenehan says:

    Please email me when you have an ingredients list available. I need to know, so I can avoid cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts or broccoli (I’m extremely allergic to these).
    Thanks, the menu looks wonderful.

  4. James Fritz (Wolfram)_ says:

    Genna also has a garlic allergy.

  5. Charlene smee says:

    Hi I’m allergic to star anise, cloves and fennel I’m bringing my own food as well is it possible to find out on the day what ingedents are?

  6. Charlene Smee says:

    How does someone pay for there booking?

  7. greesispoone says:

    Hi Charlene, our bookings officer will sending out payment details this evening to all those who have booked in the last couple of days.

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